Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Program for Quality Teaching

Interested in gathering a group of 10-14 educators together for collective study, reflection, and action on a topic or theme that is relevant to your practice?

The BCTF Program for Quality Teaching and Teacher Inquiry allows a release-based grant and access to a trained BCTF "Inquiry" facilitator. In some ways this is similar to the Learning Team Grants offered by the school districts but the expert facilitator makes a difference in the flow of inquiry. The group can include administrators or support staff as long as a teacher is the lead proponent.

"Teacher inquiry topics may fall within professional development such as: supporting new teachers, critical thinking, curriculum changes, assessment practices, differentiated instruction, early learning, self regulation, innovative teaching, or social justice. The group members will determine questions and foci of the inquiry." (PQT page in BCTF site)

Application deadline is October 4th, 2013. You and your group of teachers begins the application process and the rest is completed by myself and PGDTA president Tina Cousins. I would need your part submitted by October 1st in order to meet the deadline. Please note that the application does not give you much space to explain your inquiry plan -- feel free to attach a document. Send it by email (gthielmann @, fax or delivered.

See for basic details including the application. Full details available at

Our local Pro-D Committee will also accept applications for smaller teacher inquiry projects with flexible configurations and number of meetings. These are especially useful if your inquiry topic or framework is not a good fit with District Learning Team Grants.

Check out other BCTF resources for Teacher Inquiry at

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