Thursday, December 4, 2014

Pro-D Report December 2014

Our PD committee, with 3 new and 3 returning members, has had two dynamic and productive meetings this fall.  We have developed some creative ideas for PD offerings this year, begun planning for the Spring Fling and New Teachers Conference (Apr 24 and 25, 2015), reviewed special applications and post-conference reports. At each meeting we share a professional learning moment from the previous month -- it is encouraging to hear about the diverse ways in which teachers develop their craft.  Our fall budget for out-of-district funding is about 2/3 spent, our Jan-March and Apr-June budgets are less than 1/4 spent, so there are opportunities for conference applications.  We also have a budget for special projects (group applications), inquiry projects, and of course our Zone Conference.  There are two empty spots on the PD committee.  Talk to Glen T., Richard G., or Tina C. if you are interested.


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